It is a wonderful feeling to have a baby, especially if it comes after a hard work and years with tears.  We hear so many good and bad experiences from our patients. It is not hard to have a baby unless there is serious health conditions of any of the candidate parents.

Thanks to the sector professionals and the latest technological developments and equipment in the laboratories, there are special treatments which results with complete success.  If the candidate mother has no eggs, we have egg donation treatment; if the candidate father has no quality sperm production, we have sperm donation treatment.

There is also tandem treatment method for the women with low quality eggs, where the donor for egg donation and the candidate mother is getting prepared with similar medication at the same time; both eggs are being used for the treatment. After genetic analyses one woman’s or both women’s eggs are used for a healthy embryo transfer.

All these special IVF treatment methods are being used by the IVF medical professionals at the high-quality clinics equipped with the latest technological devices at their laboratories.

For more information on such crucial details, you may contact our IVF coordinator.

Published On: September 11th, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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